My Cemilans

My tonight’s dinner :

Padang Satay and 2 glasses of transparent water.

Soooooooo delicious and I was so full, gratefully πŸ˜€

Anyway, on my way home, I bought another some foods that what Indonesian people called ‘cemilan‘. The utility of cemilan is to be eaten in anytime but not in the big eat time. Yupp, anytime except in breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Cemilan is varied from type, size, and also price. For example, the vegans may choose apple, orange, bananas, or other fruits as their cemilan. Besides, the high-fat people love to eat burger or hot dog as the intermezzo.

And mine? I have 3 kinds of cemilan for tonight :

  • Sego Kucing (sego = rice, kucing = cat),
  • Quail Egg Satay, and
  • 2 Gorengan-s (fried tempe) πŸ˜€

WARNING! Good or bad the cemilan is depend on you, you choose which one is
the best for your health, not only for your appetite! πŸ˜‰

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