Hello! It’s been ages since the last time I posted something here. Many things have been happened, both shits and blessings (much more the second one tho :)). Even so, I don’t know what to write now, actually. I’m just trying to start with some words and sentences. It’s because on these last few months, my to-do list item of ‘mulai nulis blog’ has never been checked. Oh, anyway, now I’m sitting on a chair inside Sapphire Ballroom, Sheraton Hotel, being a ‘customized’ participant of the 3rd ISMI HOTTI seminar. Being customized means that we are obligated to attend this seminar but free. In fact, there are 24++ other customized participants at least, apart from me, and I think It’s even up to three-quarter of all audience are. So there won’t be that much of empty seats, they hoped.

By the way, sayangnya, sepertinya tulisan ini akan tertunda dulu (lagi) karena pikiran gue masih mandek mau nulis apa yang lebih berfaedah, dan juga disaat yang bersamaan di telegram ada invitation untuk join werewolf game. So.. see ya later, will be right back (anywhen).